Why Use Consulting?

Why Use a FACT Consultant?

Experts in FACT Standards and Accreditation

FACT Consultants are experts in cellular therapy who understand the rapidly evolving field of cellular therapy and can provide practical solutions to organizational challenges. The high-level of expertise of our consultants allows services to be tailored to provide whatever knowledge or assistance is required.

Our consultants have first-hand experience with FACT accreditation. They include former members of the FACT Board of Directors, blood and marrow transplant center directors, cell processing laboratory directors and managers, quality management directors, and former top-performing FACT inspectors.

Bringing customized consulting solutions to the field of Cell Therapy

Consultant Qualifications

The FACT consultants are required to:

  • Have been an inspector for at least four years
  • Have served on no fewer than eight inspections
  • Have no conflicts of interest
  • Complete our consultant training program

A consultant may not, during his or her term as a consultant:

  • Serve as an inspector
  • Serve on an accreditation committee
  • Serve on the FACT Standards Oversight Committee (but can be a subcommittee member)
  • Be a member of the Board of Directors of FACT, ASTCT, or ISCT

A consultant is prohibited from ever again being a FACT inspector of a facility for which he or she has consulted.

About FACT Consulting

About FACT Consulting

Why Use a FACT Consultant

Why Use a FACT Consultant

What Do Consultants Provide

What Do FACT Consultants Provide

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