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Request for FACT Consulting Services

To begin the process, submit a Request for Service. Upon receipt, we will schedule an introductory teleconference to discuss your needs for FACT Consulting Services or Audit & Assessment Services, the process, fees, and a timeline.

The challenges and opportunities that your organization is facing and the outcomes that you want to achieve will be discussed. Based upon your needs, a proposal for consulting services and an estimated cost will be provided.

Consulting Services

Audit & Assessment Services

On Time and On Budget

We will monitor your project throughout the engagement to ensure that it progresses on time and on budget. When the engagement is under way, specifications are modified only with your approval.

Consulting Fees

FACT Consulting Services are valuable and affordable. They are offered either at a predetermined fee per project or at an hourly rate, depending on the nature of the project.

A work statement and fee proposal will be submitted for your review and approval.

Contact Information

To learn more about FACT Consulting Services, contact us at:

About FACT Consulting

About FACT Consulting

Why Use a FACT Consultant

Why Use a FACT Consultant

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What Do FACT Consultants Provide

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