Strategic Planning 

Strategic Planning

FACT’s strategic plan anticipates and addresses opportunities and challenges for the immediate two years. The strategic plan also identifies several “Defining Objectives.” Although all the goals in a strategic plan are important and meant to be accomplished, several are designated as highest priority. Accomplishing these priority goals defines FACT’s success over the next period of time. View the FACT Strategic Plan 2020-2021.

  • Defining Objective #1: FINANCES
    Revenue growth to expand operations, create innovative mission-driven products and services, and maintain an adequate reserve fund
  • Strategic Objective #2: STAFFING
    FACT staff with the capacity, talent, structure, and resources to support current and expanded mission-driven operations.
  • Strategic Objective #3: EDUCATION
    A robust education program that effectively supports FACT’s quality, standards, and accreditation activities.

Additional goals related to the following activities can be found in the strategic plan:

  • Clinical Outcomes Improvement
  • Inspectors
  • Data Management Audits
  • Cellular Therapy Standards and Accreditation
  • Cord Blood Standards and Accreditation
  • Communications
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Immune Effector Cells
  • Global Affairs

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