Allied Learning Center 

Allied Learning Center

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FACT assists its constituents with identifying educational sessions that are applicable to their organization. FACT’s Allied Learning Center is a collaborative effort among several organizations to provide a centralized resource for organizations to quickly and easily obtain online modules applicable to their operations and/or training needs.

FACT encourages accredited organizations to utilize these educational activities to maintain knowledge of industry practices and regulations. Many of these sessions may be used to meet FACT requirements for continuing education. The sessions listed in the Allied Learning Center are in addition to the FACT educational program, including live events and educational recordings.

Participating organizations: FACT, AABB, ASTCT, ASFA, ASCGT, ASHI, CAP, CBA, the FDA, ISCT, WMDA, NMDP,  Save the Cord Foundation, and SITC.

FACT disclaims any responsibility for the information presented in these educational offerings and expressly does not represent or warrant that the information presented meets FACT requirements, standard of practice, or governmental laws or regulations.